setting a dynamic variable name

This is probably known to many, but you can set a variable with a dynamic name. I've only come across one or two instances in ten years where this is necessary. Those times have always been to quickly fix existing code and remove hard-coding of variable names.

There's always 10 ways to get to the same destination with programming, and I usually don't take this one. However, it is an option, so I'm demonstrating it here.

An example is perhaps when you need to set a variable for each student (Mark_classes, Tom_classes), and then assign a value to that new variable. This can be done with the code below:

<cfoutput query="myQuery">
   <cfset "#myQuery.Name#_classes" = myQuery.numberOfClasses>

Just be sure to put the quotes around the dynamic variable name.

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Dan G. Switzer, II's Gravatar Well that method has worked for a while, I prefer:

[cfset variables[myQuery.Name & "_classes"] = myQuery.numberOfClasses /]

Well it's more verbose, I think it's more clear. It's also an officially supported method of dynamically naming variables. The other benefit is this method works for both setting and getting variables.
# Posted By Dan G. Switzer, II | 1/28/08 9:35 AM
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